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Obeah Black Magic

Obeah african spirituality

The world consists of both the spiritual realm and the physical realm, which is definitely a fact that is undeniable. In every form of culture, among different kinds of people including modern and ancient, there have been individuals who have managed to have the gift to explain or even tap into the metaphysical and spiritual forces. These are people who are known as the medicine men, shamans, rabbis, priests and amongst people of Africa, the Obeah men.

Obeah is a form of magic and sorcery practices derived from Central and West African traditions mixed up with Christian influences, although in much less degree than in Voodoo . It is practiced mostly in the Caribbean region and is considered as both white magic. It was brought to America by the Central African slaves and was in mild conflict with another form of folk magic, Myal, delivered by the slaves from West Africa. The peak of this conflict took place in the mid of the XIX century in the English colonies, as the side effect of fanaticism and spiritualism caused by the appearance of the comet combined with Christian millennialism, resulting in disorders and violence. Many Myal men were arrested and sent to prisons, and because the world survived despite the fate, their beliefs were weakened, putting Obeah in the place of power.

In general, Obeah means not only a form of magic but also physical objects like talismans or charms used for magic by the priests, the Obeah men. Contrary to common belief, which made Obeah fearsome and evil, the bad reputation is mostly overestimated. Like in many other forms of African-originated religious practices, Obeah contains also many forms of positive magic, like love spells, luck spells, and healing practices.

As in many other forms of folk magic, Obeah derives power from contacting spirits and deities (positive or negative) during rituals involving minerals, herbs, individual possessions, bodily fluids or animal parts, as well as chants or other verbal actions.

Obeah might be called a spiritual practice by some, and a collection of beliefs by others. No matter how one defines it, one thing is clear, this is a spiritual practice with much to teach those who are not native in the area where it began. There are two sides to Obeah, the good side, and the dark side, just as there is in any magical practice. By realizing what Obeah is and how to practice it, you may be able to use this folk magic’s tools in your own life to help you create a better world for yourself and others.

While many spiritual practices might have two sides or two ways which they are seen, Obeah is a faith that embraces both the dark and the light. Since you can not have one without the other, Obeah recognizes them both as being tools one can use in order to make a life change. When one is able to understand there may be dark forces in the world, they can actively seek to work against these forces. Instead of simply ignoring the bad, the Obeah practitioner can find ways to change it and to block it from causing harm in one’s life.

One of the most common practices in Obeah is the use of talismans. Once the energy of a spell is focused, then the practitioner can move the energy into this inanimate object to help direct the energy to change the situation. The talisman is used in a magical ritual, infused with the energy of intention and of the final desirable result. In this way, the charm can then be carried with the person as the spell is doing its work or it can be moved to a new location to help bring energy to the situation. For example, if you’re having troubles in the bedroom, you might create a talisman which you place under your pillow or on your nightstand to attract more lust or desire.

Talismans can also be used to remove things from your life, putting the unwanted energy into the talisman and then putting it far away from you can be very effective. Talismans and charms can also be used as jewelry to keep the intention of the spell close to the spell seeker’s heart, allowing the energy to follow wherever you might go. Or you might give the talisman to someone else whom you want to attract to you. The uses of talismans are endless and can certainly help you bring the goodness you want in your life.

The exact form of Obeah spells still remains a mystery to those not initiated, but some rules are well known to all and they are no different from all other African traditions of magic. Obeah spells cannot harm anyone, cause negative side effects in the long term or trick the subject of the spell. The one wanting a spell to be cast is responsible for the effects, as the spell caster is only a medium to the spiritual forces of the world and is not personally involved in any way (The same rules apply of course to

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White Magic

The question “What is White Magic?” is a common one. Today I want to shed some light on the subject of what white magic is and what it isn’t. White magic believes in the mystical strength of the elements and eliminating any negativity that is surrounding you without causing harm or injury to others. Its magic holds the power to heal, protect, and bless, making good dreams come true. The followers of white magic give equal importance to positive energy, and the means to achieve it.